Discover how we can help you to improve your maintenance contract for photovoltaic sites by letting us manage the monitoring material and software solutions…


Smart Building

We help you to distribute the heating charges between the tenants. This also allows you to keep an eye on your building’s costs wether heating, electricity or water.


Energy management gives you the opportunity to detect immediately some consumption shift or anomaly. We are of great help when it comes to interface existing material, analyse your installation or interpret your consumption data.


We help you to design your monitoring based on our engineering expertise. It means we can help you to choose the right technologies and to use them correctly.


Number one when it comes to service to our clients. Indeed, we invest our time and money in satisfying our client rather than in marketing because satisfied clients are the best marketing media.
Human Scale
Our company is active on wide field and we are growing fast but we remain a human-scale company with a client-oriented vision
We have been active in data acquisition since 1985. It was specifically in islanded meteorologic station at the beginning but we expand to geolocalisation in 2010, in photovoltaic in 2013 and energy management in 2017.
End To End knowledge
We might be the only company who has expertise on all steps of the chain value : hardware production or distribution, installation, data analyse, energy management.
Jeanmotte Michael

Michael is the creator and co-owner of Monitoring-Assistance. His master in electronical engineering gives him a strong know how to send data from everything to everywhere with, if necessary, a strong analyze concerning the electrical consumption. (His table football grade is 4.23/5)

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Yannick Heselmans

Yannick becomes a very important actor of Monitoring-Assistance in 2019 as he integrated the owners team after 2 years in the company. His strong abilities in the HVAC and phovoltaic sectors gave a real added value when it becomes important to think about the cost optimisation with a high level of quality. (His table football grade is 4.32/5)

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Berckmans Yannick
Platform Director

Yannick is a young engineer with a strong abillity to finalize the things with a real added value. The development of our platform is under his reponsability. (His table football grade is good... too good... 4.4/5)

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Philippe Delannoy
Logistic & 3D Printer

Philippe is reponsible of the material logistic and our 3D Printer. He is able to print a prototype plastic box that integrates our electronic to finalize the creation of a new concept. (His table football grade is 4.25/5)

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Lattelais Guy
Financial Investments

Guy is the financial support of Monitoring-Assistance. Based on his know how, we learn a new complicated french word every day. (His table football grade is ... bad)

Eric Lesage
ICT Consultancy and Field support

Eric “The Pragmatizer” is a Swiss knife profile with competencies in ICT and Field Infrastructures. He provides the full path from abstract ICT and Data conceptualization down to Field Operations. (His table football grade is not known at this time, so we put him in the newbie category)


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